Saturday, December 17, 2011

Doorbell? Let me explain. . .

I don't travel out of town on Military TDY or business nearly as much as I did before I retired, yet when I am home, there are times when I'm just busy doing something else when someone would come knocking on my door.  More then half the time I just didn't hear their timid knocks and I would be answering that whole "why did you ignore me?" question later in the day.

I decided to resolve that little issue with a brilliant plan.  I would add a door bell to the Hula Hut, but after a short period I had to add proper signage to help people "get a clue!"

I obtained a battery powered door bell from one of the local home stores and mounted the buzzer next to the handle of the entry way.  You would think that would be the logical place, right?  But, no, some people just don't see it...hence the sign which was added later.

The door bell itself was placed on the shelf over the closet so that it could be heard throughout the rig (and yes, that's my emergency "thaw out" bottle next to it in the photo - it gets damn cold in Texas wintertime).

Now, why would anyone need a sign about a doorbell?  Let me explain.  Some of the people who come visit don't always have the best vision, or perhaps they're just not looking for a doorbell on a Motor Home.  Then again, there's always the UPS or FEDEX guys, and then the neighbors who just choose to ignore it.  Apparently given my sense of humor they can get away with it.

At any rate, after 2 weeks of people still knocking on my door I asked the local sign shop to make me up the following.  They got such a laugh out of it they didn't charge me, just asked if they could hang a copy on their wall; where it now hangs as an example to others.

Funny, more people actually use the door bell now.

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