Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thermal Curtains

One of the easiest additions I did was to add a set of thermal curtains behind the driver and passenger seats in the front.  This was done with an 8 foot closet rod, two end pieces, and a two piece curtain.  The wood products from Home Depot and the curtains from wally world.  The purpose was to isolate the front from the rear not only while driving, but during the heat of summer, and deep chill of winter, in Texas. While driving, they allow the dash a/c and heater to perform better - heck you're not trying to cool or heat the entire bus.

The wood pieces were stained with a color as close as I could get to the cabinets, allowed to dry.  They were mounted with a Velcro patch and held in place by the tension created by the pole.  After putting the curtains on, and when not in use, they are held open with a tie sash.

Total cost; less then $50.00

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