Sunday, December 11, 2011

Something more RV related

Several people have asked me to develop an area where I can post specific things about the Hula Hut and Hog Barn. Simply called the Hula Hut for brevity.

The name came about as a joke. A multiparty joke. You see, I had this good luck swivel hipped Hula Girl on the dash of my Hummer in Iraq. When I unexpectedly got hurt and was evacuated to Walter Reed, the guys on my team sent her to watch over me while I was recovering. Obviously she needed a home at the end, so she came home and traveled with me around the states. Over time she was joined by several palm trees, a couple of pink flamingos, and a not-so-well-done likeness of me lounging in a breach chair. In other words, a complete package.

After I had purchased an RV I was informed that tradition demanded a name for the bus (which was it's not very creative name at the time). So, I asked my friends for input and we created a little contest. We narrowed it down to a final list of about 10 names, among them two names; one being "The Hula Hut" and the other being "The Hog Barn". The Hog Barn was recommended by my friends in IA (both Honda riders for some freaking reason). Their reasoning was that a hog (HD) had to be babied and the toy hauler fit that criteria. Since I could find no fault with the reasoning, I combined the two and the dream was born!

The Hula Hut is a 2009 Damon Outlaw, Scorpian Model 3612. 37 feet in length, damn near 14 feet tall (13'8" if anyone is measuring). She's a diesel puller (engine in front) and build on a Frieightliner frame. Heavy beast when loaded and gets between high 7 and low 9 for mileage on good days. So far we've traveled about 15 states and 6800 miles.

My intent with this blog site, unlike the other one where I ramble about just any ole topic, is to share with some of the other folks I've met in the RV community some of the additions, upgrades, and yes, deletions, I've made to the HH since I've been living in it. Some are down right simple, some will have people asking "what was he thinking", and some were simply stolen from others and applied to my situation. Hopefully there will be loads of photos.

There is one important caveat I need to make clear - several friends (new & old) have come up with some of these ideas.  I certainly didn't come up with them out of the clear blue sky.  I'd be remiss if I didn't give credit to David and Don S for giving me a lot of feedback, and in David's case, for helping "test run" more then one project on his own Outlaw before we did one on mine.  For both of them, I'm grateful that we met!

So, if your into RV'ing, part timer or full timer like me, I'd love to hear from your feedback and perhaps ideas about what you've done yourself to improve your ride.

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