Saturday, December 17, 2011

Little Things - Part 2

During an 18 month period of living as a full timer, I was surprised at how many little things I've added to the HH.  Here's part two of the ever expanding list.

Solar Vent fan:

Easy as pie.  I removed the stock vent cap, installed this one per instructions and checked it off my list.

Weather Station.  I discovered early on that knowing what is brewing outside has a direct impact on my comfort inside.  Gee, imagine that.  With the wild fluctuations in Texas weather, it did not take much convincing from my neighbor David for me to add a weather station to the HH.

I actually added two of these over time.  One monitors the temp in the water closet during winter through the remote sensor, and the other just the outside conditions though a sensor under the chassis frame.  One of the control heads is mounted over the entry door, the other in the loft sleeping area.  That way if the alarm goes off for temperature extremes in the middle of the night I can leap (hardly) out of bed and handle it.

Driveway Sensor - intruder alert?

Some of the places I've stayed have a lot of kids (OK, some adults) just wandering around or through the camp sites.  This can be annoying as hell if they're part-timers you don't know (no offense to the part timers), and on more then one occasion I've actually had a few items grow legs and walk away from my campsite.   This was one solution that worked for several of us at a site in Texas.

The drive way sensor was from Harbor Freight and the cost was around 25 bucks.  The sensor is located on the frame on the passenger side (wheel well) strut, and pointed towards the patio area.

The control head was mounted on the wall, on the inside hallway by the control panel.  The alert tone has two settings, lo and high, and lo has been more then enough to alert me when someone passes though.

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