Saturday, December 17, 2011

Outside Removable Table

I use the outside of my rig darn near as much as the inside most of the time.  After installing the mandatory portable BBQ grill (after I got over the whole "it's not manly to use propane and claim to be a Texan" thing) I quickly realised that I needed more counter space to use.  Where do we keep all this stuff?

So, I looked around and sure nuff' THULE has a variety of tables for RV use.  Imagine that.  So, my criteria became; a) something that would not take up more then 3-4 inches of storage space along the wall of the Toy area, b) foldable if possible, and c) allow enough counter space to be worthwhile.

I think I found it.

They have a table that mounts on their module system using mounting brackets.

The brackets were easy enough to install, but measuring when you're unsure of where the inside support beams are at was a bit of a gamble.  It all worked out though...  After installation, and while traveling, you just replace the covers to conceal the brackets.

Without the covers....

Attachment points for the table look like this:

The table has worked out fine, and it folds away in the middle and into a nice package that goes against the inside wall of the toy area...with plenty of room left over for the bike.  BTW - that grill in the picture is just a loaner....I have a real man size grill like I am supppose to have!

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