Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fans Fans Fans

OK, I admit it.  Texas summers can be brutally hot.  During the past two years we've had temp's well over 105 degrees for weeks at a time.  Although I love my Outlaw, they certainly were not designed to overcome those temp extremes with the stock A/C units on the roof. At least not if you're parked on concrete pads and there are no shade trees within 100 feet of you.

After visiting my neighbor David (owner of a 2008 Outlaw) and seeing his solution to this issue, I have bluntly stolen his idea as my own on this forum.   I'll buy him a beer or something later.

Vornado has small folding fans which work well in this application.  They take up little room, are (somewhat) inexpensive, and easy to install.  They circulate the air much better then the stock set up and keep the inside temps comfortable.  Do they have any impact on how hard the AC's work?  Who knows, I'm no engineer.  But they seem to work and that's good enough for me.

I started off with two of them, which has grown to four.  One mounted under the cabinet on the passenger side behind the passenger seat, two mounted on either end of the cabinet over the sofa and dinette, and one just outside the loft sleeping area. IMHO Combined with the Termal Curtains I installed (see earlier posting) they disapate alot of the heat.

Yes, I recommend them.

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