Sunday, December 18, 2011

Roof Climbing?

One of the annoying things about the Damon Outlaw is the lack of a ladder for roof access.  Many of us hate adding items to add to our overall weight, but we know that getting on the roof is a pretty routine thing.  It's a PITA, but alas, what to do?

Through trail and error it seems the best place to access the roof is on the drivers side near the slide.  It's on the lower slope of the roof, provides some safety by giving you something to slide (fall?) against if the ladder slipes to the side, and last provides a hand hold if necessary.  The hardest part is always that transition from the ladder to the roof part - where there are no handy hand holds for you to grab onto and make it to the roof during that final stage.

Another Outlaw owner and I talked about this frequently, than one day at CW we came across entry door handles on sale....hmmmmmmm, wouldn't those be handy on the roof?   And so the solution presented itself.

I mounted two (2) of those handles on the roof with 1 1/2 inch SS screws and sealed them with silicone caps in the screw holes, and along the handle / roof contact point with a bead of silicome.

Now, once at the top of the ladder, I have a handy hand hold to make that final transition.  They are barely noticable from the ground, create no wind noise during travel, and have proven there worth.

It's just my simple solution.

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