Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Little Things Part 1

There have been a variety of little things added that just seem to make life easier.  The short list are some of those things.  I won't bore you with the installation instructions since they're all pretty straight-forward.

Lock Box - Installed a lockbox on the outside so that when I was traveling, or in an emergency, anyone with the code could enter the box, grab keys, and access the bus. It's mounted near the heater vent and near the outside speaker.   It's weatherproof, available at most home stores.  Cost was about $30.

Another little item was an outside solar powered security light.  Some of the places I park have no park lights and this was another level of security.  It can be turned off when necessary, such as traveling - we don't want to annoy any of the other cars now do we?  The solar collector is mounted on the roof near the manual antenna and the cable was run under the awning to the unit.  It was obtained at one of the garden stores (although I've seen them everywhere in all shapes and sizes) and the cost was about $20.  Labor was about an hour.  It's mounted with SS screws and a bead of silicone.

Another small item that has proved useful are those little automatic lights sold at CW and other places.  I mounted one above the entry door (key area) so that I didn't have to fumble around in the dark trying to fit that pesky key.

A second one was mounted on the interior wall just inside the entry door to light the step well upon entry.

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